Beadalon Elasticity Clear Stretchy Cord Bulk Spool 1mm x 328 feet made in USA


Beadalon Elasticity 1mm Clear 100M
You can easily make lasting designs with Elasticity 1mm clear cord. This soft, crystal clear bead cord from Beadalon® stretches like a rubberband. It's perfect for snap bracelets, power bracelets and hair bands. The smooth, clean finish slides through hair without grabbing like other elastic products. Also, bracelets made with Elasticity™ will not stretch out like those made on elastic thread and string. This stringing material comes in different sizes for all of yoru design needs. All you have to do is choose the cord to fit the hole size of your beads and to support the overall weight of your pojrect. Elasticity is easy to tie! We recommend using a surgeon's knot to secure your designs. To secure knots, use a flexible adhesive, such as Hypo Cement. This spool offers 100 meters of cord.